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Poetry of Silence I

limited edition

Since 2018, Liechtenstein photographer Roland Blum has been travelling to Namiba on a        recurring basis, directing his camera lens from a helicopter at the structures and shapes of the      fascinating Namib Desert in Namibia. On the Atlantic coast, which borders the desert in the west, the cold Benguela current of the Atlantic meets the barren land. Almost every morning, dense fog settles over the desert here, caused by the rapid cooling of the sea air at night.

Blum flies directly along the edge of the fog with his telephoto lens, and as he does so he is drawn deep into the breathtakingly archaic world of the Namib again and again.

It is there that the quiet poetry of his large-format photographs emerges.

This book is a retrospective showing the result of 5 years photographing this breathtaking timeless landscape from an aerial perspective

Book Information


Content:      140 pages, 69 Photographs

​Size:            31 X 23 cm​

Binding:       Hardcover, Swiss Binding

Paper:          200g/m2                                          


Optional:      signed and numbered limited edition !

Price:               80.- Euro 
Shipping EU:   15.- Euro


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