liechtenstein-based roland blum specialises in abstract aerial photography. 

He studied music at the jazz school and the conservatory lucerne switzerland.

Since 1994 roland blum is working as a journalist, photographer, producer and head of music at the national broadcast company radio liechtenstein.

his latest series poetry of silence is an ongoing work of abstract desert photography realized in the namib desert and it's surroundings.

coming up:


Triennale Küfer Marti Huus Ruggell


June-August 2021

Galerie Domus Schaan : Poetry of Silence

Nev/Dez 2020

Photo-München Online Exhibition(click to enter exhibition)


Stein Egerta Schaan : Poetry of Silence


Photo Schweiz 2020: poetry of silence XI

Two features in dodho magazine:

poetry of silence IX

frozen in time

golden fly series



Photo Schweiz19poetry of silence

    08.-22.4 2018

                                     Galerie Hollabollaby the water - into the ice - over the land