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Poetry of Silence


Poetry of Silence is an ongoing work of abstract aerial desert photography realized in the Namib Desert and it's surroundings.
the Namib Desert is often referred to as the world’s oldest desert. It has been in existence for some 43 million years, remaining unchanged in its present form for the last 2 million years.

Its name is derived from the Nama language, implying “an area where there is nothing.”

The award-winning work Poetry of Silence is Roland Blum's main project.

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Songlines is dedicated to the Etosha Pan in the north of Namibia.

The Etosha Pan covers 4760 square kilometers and is visible even from space. A combination of long and tedious planning, intuition and a good portion of luck are some of the factors needed, to be in the right place at the right time for the landscape

to share its secret treasures. The result are silent Songlines in form of visual poems - a tribute of this incredible and unique landscape.




Walserholz was created in the snowy Corona winter of 2020/21.
All the pictures in this series show abstract structures of the huts and woods on the Liechtenstein Walser settlements Gnalp, Prufatscheng, Silum and Masescha "tanned" by nature.


The Iceland Trilogy


by the water - into the ice - over the land

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Frozen in Time


Tribute to the timeless magic of Venice by night